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SCENAR / KEY Therapy


KEY THERAPY – the KEY to unlock the body’s own healing mechanisms. The PHYSIOKEY is the latest German engineered device based on the original SCENAR technology from Russia, designed for the Nasa Space program in the 1970s. 100% drug-free Pain relief technology, using non-invasive Neuro-stimulation therapy. Resolving the source of pain not merely masking it!

KEY  therapy reduces pain, swelling, inflammation, and muscle spasms, resulting in improved function, flexibility and accelerated healing time, of acute, chronic, post-operative, repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries and more.

The PHYSIOKEY is a TGA approved, hand-held biofeedback medical device that feels tingly on the skin – not Painful.

Woman in pain - Transformational therapies in Melbourne - Physiokey and SCENAR treatment - Improve your physical functions - Decrease chronic pain, back neck shoulder ache

Assist your body to heal itself by opening nerve pathways!

KEY therapy will assist your body to heal itself by opening nerve pathways and ensuring a clear message is being sent from the brain to the area requiring treatment. KEY therapy aims to create a change in your current condition. Any change means the body has listened to the treatment and is working. However, some people may have any increase in pain especially following their first treatment. This is a positive sign, meaning the body has listened by responding quickly and beginning to restore function. Increase in pain or symptoms doesn’t usually last longer than 24 hours. Each treatment is different as your body is at a different stage of its healing. Therapy times are often halved. Positive results, speed of treatment and intuitive operation. But most importantly positive patient outcomes!

Following the treatment you will be wrapped in an Orgone Therapy Recovery Blanket which balances the body, helping to restore homeostasis, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and relieved of pain. KEY therapy is unique in its ability to be able to locate exactly where the body requires assistance to relieve pain and restore function.

Many studies have shown excellent results for a wide range of ailments including- gastrointestinal  disorders, immune dsyfunction, respiratory, endocrine, circulatory systems, sports injuries, post-op, musculoskeletal.