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NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

We are not hardwired!

NeurOptimal is a sophisticated form of Neurofeedback, designed by the Neuro Scientist, Dr Valdean Brown of the Zengar Institute.
Dr Brown, realising the limitations of the old ‘push and pull’ classical, mechanistic approach to earlier Neurofeedback systems, he designed a system from the ground up which is based on a very different notion of the way our brains work and essentially how they change to accommodate new behaviours.
NeurOptimal evolves from complex sciences such as non-linear dynamics and quantum physics.

Sit or recline in a comfortable chair and be hooked up to the software via sensors onto your head and ears, receive headphones and prepare to experience a relaxing half an hour of ‘taking your brain into the gym.
The software is designed to monitor the EEG (brainwave activity) and to detect turbulence within it.


This is the most advanced non-linear neurofeedback training on the market!
The system is designed to monitor your brain waves and to detect turbulence within them. This creates a feedback loop which prompts the brain to recognise its own functioning, providing additional unbiased information about what it is doing, as it is doing it. From this vantage point, the brain and central nervous system begin to stabilise and operate with improved stability, resilience and flexibility. Like taking your brain to the gym for a workout, whilst you sit comfortably in a chair listening to music!

People use neurofeedback for an array of psychological, emotional and medical conditions,
e.g. anxiety, depression, mood disorders, sleep disorders, grief, PTSD, OCD, ADD, memory problems, Along with considerable personal and spiritual growth and for peak performance!

The World’s first only DYNAMICAL Neurofeedback Brain Training system.
This is your brain on Neurofeedback – hear what the trainees and Trainers have to say!