Perth Hills


Margaret (42 years old)

When Ria asked me to write a few words on how NeurOptimal Neurofeedback had helped me, I was unsure where to start! I don’t even feel like the same stressed, anxious, depressive person that I was. My ruminating thoughts have stopped. I’m happy to get out of bed and greet the day. I have had 35 sessions with Ria and not planning to stop any time soon! I have had a lot of trauma in my life,  and can’t remember when I ever felt this good! Thank you Ria, and thank you NeurOptimal.

Rosalie Bastian

I was in extreme pain for 3 months with bursitis and sciatica. I saw a Doctor four times, had a cortisone injection into the bursa, saw a physiotherapist several times as well as four acupuncture treatments! Nothing seemed to help until I had Scenar Therapy. I couldn’t believe the instant relief and have no hesitation in recommending Scenar for pain relief, as well as for general wellbeing. Ria is a highly professional Scenar Practitioner.

Norma Young (82 years old)

I had seven weeks of excruciating pain in my back and left leg. My sciatic nerve was pinched at the base of my spine. After my first visit, I had immediate relief which lasted about 5hrs – a miracle. I attended the clinic four more times and I have been without pain ever since. The Scenar treatment is very pleasant and soothing and I would recommend it to all who are suffering pain. Incidentally, I have returned to Yoga and Exercise, and my age is 82years young. Ria, heartfelt thanks!

Jenny (50 years old)

I was referred to Ria from a close friend, as I was having serious sleeping issues since going through menopause. I was unable to get more than 3-4 hours sleep per night and would wake up suddenly, and not be able to fall back to sleep. I had tried herbal sleep formulas, melatonin, even medical sleeping pills, but nothing seemed to break the pattern. I was exercising regularly and working in an office 4 days per week. My job was quite stressful at times. I started seeing Ria at her Byron Bay Clinic in NSW and had a regular weekly appointment for NeurOptimal Neurofeedback – Brain Training. I often fell asleep during the session and started having very deep sleeps, dreaming often, on the night after the training. After about 12 sessions, I noticed changes. I felt more relaxed overall and came home from work less exhausted. I now have no trouble sleeping 7-8 hours a night and wake feeling refreshed and ready to start my day. I would happily recommend NeurOptimal Feedback to anyone feeling sleep deprived!

Kerri Seaton-Smith

Dearest Ria, I wouldn’t have believed it unless it happened to me!! I thought I was just getting old! I am well entrenched in traditional medicine, working as a Coronary Care nurse. I got 100% relief from debilitating hip pain – Scenar therapy was responsible! Given the great results with my hip/leg, I was confident that having Scenar therapy for my chronic gastric reflux was worth a try. Yippee, no more ppi tablets, quickeze or Mylanta since my first abdominal session. I am so impressed by the efficacy of this non-invasive medication-free therapy, that I plan to start training as a Scenar Therapist asap! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!


I came to Ria, 7months after a car accident. I had severe whiplash injuries which caused debilitating pain and massive physical restrictions, including not being able to turn my head or even read or write. I was in bad shape! After only 4 treatments with Ria I noticed a remarkable improvement of both which my physio and I were astounded by. I was pain-free 50% of the time and no longer restricted to laying down 80% of the day. Scenar therapy reduced my pain, realigned my spine, my jaw, my ribs and returned movement to my neck. Ria thank you from my heart for your kindness and understanding and much-needed healing throughout my recovery. You’re a GEM!

Helen Wilson

For the first time in over 2 years, I now find myself able to fully enjoy a pain-free life, enjoy food, enjoy having energy for the things in life I want to do without being hampered by pain and the subsequent wondering about when my body will again let me down! My work feels less stressful and much less overwhelming. My brain now knows what being well actually feels like – I can’t explain it any better than that, but I definitely know it as a physical and emotional experience. Scenar has made wellness a bodily-felt experience, accompanied by a state of positively felt emotions – I’m finding my body can now re-align itself rather easily. I’ve recommended Scenar to others with the statement- You’ve got nothing to lose but poor health or pain! Thanks Scenar and thanks Ria!

Derek Joubert (72 years old)

I admit I was somewhat sceptical but I will never forget my first Scenar session. Ria was amazing. She is passionate about Scenar, caring, understanding and professional. To my utter astonishment, I could feel a marked difference in my condition from the first session. My wife commented as we were walking back to the car – You are walking normally again! I was overjoyed with my greater ease of movement and the degree of relief gave me sufficient confidence to cancel the scheduled pain injection program at the Chronic Pain Clinic. Scenar Therapy has provided permanent healing of my condition. I am now functioning normally and have resumed all of my activities. – this to the joy of my family and friends.

Natalie Kirby – Swimmer, Cyclist, and Business director

I was devastated when I fell down the engine hatch of our new boat 3 wks before the Rottnest Channel Swim. We knew we could win our category of 200+ females.  I knew that I had cracked a rib as I had injured the injury a few years before. After 3 treatments with Ria I was getting in and out of bed much easier. After 4 sessions I was back in the water. My teammates kept saying that they were worried about my condition – I knew I would be ok. On the day – we won our category as planned and I even dived off the boat to tag without missing a relay turn! I can’t recommend Ria and the process enough for athletes wanting a revolutionary treatment that works! Thanks, Ria – you will be my first port of call if I ever need healing again!